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Finding sponsored jobs, made simple.

Join the platform that saves you hours of frustration by telling you exactly which roles are sponsored, and under what circumstances.

We go beyond mere eligibility lists. Find out which companies not only have the ability but also the willingness to sponsor your UK visa.

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Everything you need, under one roof.

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Not all sponsors sponsor...

We keep a list of licensed sponsors that are legally able to sponsor, but not sponsoring right now.

No other platform identifies these companies, leading to wasted time and massive frustration.

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... But we know who does

Where possible, we surface the specifics of a company's sponsorship policy, too, providing you with clarity you're unlikely to find anywhere else.

In some cases, our technology enables us to discover the sponsorship policy for a specific role, helping you avoid wasting time on roles that aren't sponsored.

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Not all jobs are made equal

We prioritise listing jobs at innovative start-ups and scale-ups doing meaningful work.

We know these organisations want to hire the best talent, and since they receive far fewer applicants than your typical multinational, you have a much better chance of landing a role. In other words, it's a win-win.

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Gain access to more than 3,000 opportunities

Access a broad, regularly updated selection of jobs at companies prepared to offer sponsorship, as well as those that are legally able to do so, across a range of industries and functions.

Work smarter, not harder.

If you need a job that will sponsor your visa, you won't find a better place to look. Here's how we stack up against the competition.

Designed for all seniorities and experience levels
Range of opportunities
Focused on exclusively sponsored opportunities
Role-specific sponsorship information
Insight into when and under what circumstances sponsorship is offered
Focused on innovative start-ups and scale-ups
Designed for rapid filtering and sorting
Built for a global audience, including those living outside of the UK
Industry agnostic, with opportunities across multiple sectors
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One membership, total access.

£25 / month

Become a member of the Jobs That Sponsor community and gain access to the following:

  • Best-in-class job board
  • List of non-sponsors
  • Slack community
  • Members-only add-on services
    • LinkedIn / CV Review
    • 1:1s

To learn more about our pricing, please check the FAQs below.

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£10/ month

If you've graduated from university within the past 2 years, you can get access to Jobs That Sponsor at a discounted rate for 12 months. If you haven't terminated your subscription by the end of this period, your membership will automatically be converted to the £25 p/m tier.

Become a Graduate member

£5/ month

If you're still a student and are already thinking about finding a job that'll sponsor you, choose this subscription.

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Employers matter, too.

We know that it takes two to tango, and we need your help. If you work for a company that sponsors visas, or are considering becoming a licensed sponsor, we want to hear from you.

I'm interested in becoming a licensed sponsor

Sponsorship can seem like a complicated and expensive process, but it doesn't have to be. We've been thinking about how we can make it easier for employers to become licensed sponsors, because we think there are huge advantages to hiring foreign talent:

  • a more diverse workforce;
  • increased odds of attracting skilled workers through access to a global talent pool;
  • gains in long-term employee retention;
  • acquisition of regional advantages, including awareness of market dynamics and language skills;
  • access to talent exhibiting disproportionate entrepreneurial spirit and ability.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help streamline the process of becoming a licensed sponsor, fill out this form and we'll get in touch ASAP.

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I work for a licensed sponsor

If you're currently being sponsored by your employer, or have colleagues that are, we'd love to hear from you and learn a little more about the circumstances under which sponsorship can be provided to future employees.

Sharing this information with us will go a long way in helping people who're desperate to live and work in this country find the job they need (and want).

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Built by a world-class team, for a world-class community.

Kane Lincoln, co-founder of Jobs That Sponsor

Kane has sat on the founding team of multiple venture-backed start-ups and played a crucial role in scaling one such start-up from zero to an eight-figure exit (formerly Earnd, now Wagestream). He was later invited to join Entrepreneur First, Europe's foremost talent accelerator. His experience has equipped him with knowledge of what start-ups look for in candidates and a rich network of operators, investors and founders.

Karan Navani, co-founder of Jobs That Sponsor

Karan moved to Europe from Dubai in 2015 to study at Lancaster University. During his summer recess, he built a profitable business in Dubai and then joined IBM's Watson unit, collaborating with teams globally and helping close multi-million dollar pre-orders for an enterprise blockchain initiative, earning him a patent. Presently, he works at Deloitte, where he became the youngest person to independently manage and own a product within Consulting Ventures.